History on a Plate.

Welcome to the Stripey Socks Crisis Homeschool and Cafe, where the staff are completely unqualified and the Hygiene Rating is 5 (dog hairs per square millimetre, that is). During the last lockdown we had a ‘history lesson on a plate’ involving some Smith’s Chipsticks. Today I went Old School again, serving up corned beef rissoles with steamed cabbage. I’m sure my family will be very grateful.

It was also a social history lesson. Himself (AKA My-Lord-and-Master) thought it was a recipe from a communist-era Eastern Bloc country. He had never encountered a rissole before, either in reality or even in name, and was surprised to learn it was a staple food of my childhood, growing up in a largely working-class area in the 1970s.

Next week: tripe. Or maybe even cow heels if you can still get them. A few more of these ‘history lessons on a plate’ and he might stop complaining when I dish up ready-made pizza 😆

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