Life In The Time Of Corona: Sent Home.

Yesterday, even before the new government advice about #SocialDistancing was issued, my daughter was given permission by her employers to work from home for as long as she needs to, due to her own underlying health conditions. But, while she was speaking to someone in HR in order to arrange this, she confided her worries about carrying the virus home to Freddie. The HR person was very sympathetic – turns out they also had a sibling with Down’s (sadly now passed away). They said that if their sibling was still alive, right now they’d be doing everything in their power to protect them, too.

There is a lot of love – real, fierce, love in our community. At times like this we need to sprinkle that shit about like confetti.

This is Lucy’s home office. It’s a good job she won’t need to be smart for work.

#covid19 #SocialDistancing #Asthma #AutoimmuneHypothyroidism #DownSyndrome

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