‘What Can They Ever Achieve?’

“You have a child with Down’s Syndrome? What can they ever hope to achieve?”

Well, he might turn out to be a jolly decent human being, for a start …

Or they might turn out to be really rather good at something you’d never heard of before …

When it came to table cricket, I had visions of them playing it using a baguette and an apple, with forks for the – what are they called – stumps or something? How wrong can you be? 😆

Or he might turn out to have an aptitude for the subjects you were rubbish at when you were at school …

They might find some things more of a struggle, but they’ll usually get there in the end.

It took us a long time to find the right swimming teacher for Freddie, who would offer one-to-one, and it took a year to build up confidence and trust, but it paid off, he’s on his way now..

These achievements might not seem much to some. There are kids with DS his age out there who have done much more. But this is just the start, Freddie is still in Primary school…

If something is a personal best for that individual, it’s an achievement to be celebrated. A person’s value doesn’t depend on their ability, but on their humanity. That’s why this year for #WorldDownSyndromeDay, we are saying #LeaveNoOneBehind

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